Whitley Yates from Omni introduced herself, filling in for Kerby.
Board members Kathie and Nick introduced themselves.
Other homeowners introduced themselves.
The board gained two new members.

$81534.10 operating balance
$22971.27 reserve

Over-budgeted a little on insurance.
Website needs to be included 2018 budget.
Need to budget for water and sewer.

Community Issues
Need to pick up trash around playground.  Need to enforce trash pickup around ponds.

Trimming around walking path was discussed.  Resident asked what trimming they were responsible for.  Whiltey mentioned the maps.indy.gov site can be used to see property lines.

Residents mentioned the playground is rusting and has jagged edges.  Maybe $10k – $20k or $3k to repaint and sanitize.

Burned house was brought up as an eyesore.  Luckily repairs to the house are finally underway.

Rental houses were mentioned as having issues like thefts.  We can pass a rental ban amendment.  It gives HOA the ability to evict residents.  Need about 75% of members entitled to vote (paying dues) to pass an amendment.

Satellite dishes were discussed.  Omni will check with lawyers on legality and cost of moving dishes.

Mayor’s Action Center and Request Indy App can be used to request the city fill in potholes or to report other issues.