Board Members Attending

  • Craig from Omni
  • Kathie
  • Andrea
  • Brian
  • Nick
  • Michele – new board member

Pond Cleanup

  • Craig has asked maintenance to do more clean up on the ponds.


  • Previous special assessment and erosion problem was discussed.
  • We still have water spilling over pathway.  Vendor gave us a quote for boring under path and putting in drainage.
    • Board has requested some additional quotes to compare.

Garage Sale

  • August 5 & 6


  • Mold on the side of the houses was discussed.  Notification about upcoming mold violation letters will go out with garage sale notice.
  • Parking issues were revisited.  We need to mark the curbs by mailboxes and by stop signs.
  • Two No Parking signs need to be replaced.


  • $1564.03 in Bad Debt Recovery (sued and finally paid up)
  • Bad Debt / Write-off – is estimated for dues that we assume we won’t collect

Board Nominations

  • Andrea resigned from the board.  We thank her for her service.
  • Michele Sanders was welcomed as a new member to the board.