2019 Annual Meeting

David Paul and Christy McKinney from Sentry attended the meeting.

Not at 51% quorum

Questions from community:

  • If swimming and boating is allowed?  Consensus was it is not allowed.
  • Can we have more street lights?  Yes, if we pay for them.  IPL may pay for more, but not sure.

For broken street lights, report outage to IPL using number on the light pole.

For pot holes or sidewalks, report to Mayor’s Action Center or MyRequestIndy app.

Indy Turf are the landscapers this year and they’re supposed to pick up trash from the lakes and common areas.

ASAP treats the water.

May 17-19 is Southern Dunes sales, so we will coordinate our sale with theirs.

Community dumpster will be delivered about May 20.