Monthly Archives: May 2015


  • Stephanie King introduced Craig Giltz the new property manager.
  • The 2014 budget was discussed.
    • Admin fees overage was due to yard signs, mailings.
    • Management contract budgeted incorrectly by last property manager.
  • Board requested quotes for fence maintenance on the western side of the community.  Omni will get quotes.
  • The erosion issue around the ponds was discussed.
    • An update on the special assessment shows 54 homeowner haven’t paid of 225.
    • Need to compare what was collected to the quote.
  • Garage sale dates were decided to be July 10/11.
    • Sign will be posted.
    • Omni to research doing every door direct mailing as it may cheaper that letters.
  • Board requested repair of no swimming, no skating sign signs around lakes.